Need a truck?

I have been in Japan for more than 2 decades and have helped many fellow foreigners move their stuffs around Kyoto. For old timers, most of them have their own cars/vehicles or have friends who have vehicles that they can borrow but this is not the case for most newbies...

I only have a small truck but if you need help moving your stuffs inside Kyoto (and cities nearby) and have no one to ask, probably I can help you during my free time. If you are a NICE PERSON  and is also ready to do some lifting, then we are off for some exercise :)
We all know that fuel is expensive and is "not free" so you have to pay for the fuel and probably some burgers and coffee :)

1. I can help but only during my free time (I also work just like you...)
2. I am not a gomi (garbage) disposal guy and will not take your garbage home! I can help you bring your combustible garbage to the city incinerator but you have to fill up all the necessary gomi disposal paper work for yourself. City Garbage Incinerator Centers don't allow appliances like TV, refs, washing machine, etc...)
3. Illegal parking penalties are expensive  (and illegal... hmmmm) so I will probably be sitting in my truck most of the times while you load/unload your stuffs.
4. My truck is tiny and only has a maximum pay load of 350 kgs. I will not exceed the maximum load limit...
5. If it will take long hours or do several trips, then I will be asking an extra fee for my time.

I am only doing this to help newbies in Kyoto so please don't bitch on me if your precious teddy bear broke during transport...
Night time too is OK but not so late because I also have to work the next day.

You can contact me at: and let's see if I am open to do some exercise :)

I have a friend who is a professional mover and is a lot better than me. If you need your stuffs to be handled by pros, check out his link: